Polishing paste for aluminium “Polishing”


Content: 1100 gr



Polishing paste for aluminum blue is suitable for polishing aluminum and non-ferrous metals. It has an ideal combination with the pleated Yellow polishing wheel polishing wheel or with the White polishing wheel.

Polishing paste aluminum paste “blue” is used for polishing operations during polishing. When sanded material, which I sanded and then polished with Green paste and an orange polishing wheel. For the final polishing, it is important to trim the discs so that the surface is as fine as possible with the so-called fabric lines. Hence this connection, the yellow impregnated polishing wheel or the white polishing wheel. The blue solid polishing paste is applied to the spinning polishing wheel for approx. 2-3 seconds. It is polished with a horizontal movement, from one side of the polished surface to the other, gradually moving from the bottom up and back. We polish gradually and continuously until the polished surface is uniform without traces of the previous polishing paste. Before each application of polishing paste, the polishing wheel must be cut. A polishing disc cutter is used for trimming.

I looked for polishing paste not only at our dealers, but also at most European manufacturers who were interested in cooperating here and participating in my private tests. When I was looking for polishing pastes and polishing discs with which I can get the highest possible shine in a short time. With small polished workpieces, you don’t know how effective the pastes and wheels are, but with large surfaces, everything is already visible.
The materials from which polishing wheels for polishing metals are made are different. The most common ones here are Sisal, Dora, Brunok, Molino330, Počesané molino, Kaliko, Retex, Flannel, Erna and many others. Each substance is intended for a different degree of polishing. Polibras, which I represent unás, has substances for polishing divided into 23 types. From the softest fabric to the hardest impregnated fabric.