Professional aluminum polishing set


Polishing set includes:
1pc Orange polishing disc 200mm (hard impregnated – pre-polishing)
1pc Yellow polishing disc 200mm (soft impregnated – pre-polishing)
1pc White polishing disc 200mm (extra soft – final polishing + gloss maintenance)
1pc (pair) flange for attaching polishing discs to the polisher with M14 thread and one part with M14 thread and the other part with 14mm hole
1pc Stiff green polishing paste (pre-polishing)
1pc Stiff blue polishing paste (polishing)
1pc Extreme metal polish (final polishing, maintenance of mirror shine)

Stated price is with VAT 21%


Professional polishing set for aluminium, which I use myself to renovation of aluminum discs (alu disc) and tanks and other aluminum materials. Professional polishing set for aluminium is by me assembled functional set which I use myself to polish everything from aluminum discs to aluminum tanks on trucks to any aluminum alloys. When you buy a polishing set, you don’t buy just a polishing kit, but on my website you also have my mobile number or email and if something doesn’t work, just call us and we’ll find the error where it happened in the renovation process. Before the actual polishing (renovation), it is necessary to grind the given workpiece. Grinding is different. It all depends on the type of aluminum alloy or the depth of oxidation. Practice has shown me that if I don’t grind and just try to polish, the result is always unsatisfying, at least for me. When polishing disks (alu disk), depending on their condition, I start to polishe with either P60 or P180 sandpaper and then continue with P320, P400 and P600. I grind the tanks with emery grit P180, P320, P400, P600. Then after grinding, I start polishing.
Use of the Profi polishing set: Orange polishing disc with green polishing paste for pre-polishing the surface. Yellow polishing disc with blue polishing paste, for polishing. White polishing disc and Extreme Metal Polish for final polishing and maintaining mirror shine.


Polishing process

Professional polishing set for aluminum: Orange, yellow and white discs are clamped using an aluminum flange (1 pair) in the polisher, which has an M14 thread and by turning in the indicated direction on the polishing disc. Polishing paste (green or yellow) is applied to the polishing disc for approx. 2-3 seconds. It is polished with a horizontal movement. Before applying the polishing paste, each polishing disc must be so-called combed – trimmed, using a polishing disc cutter (not part of the polishing set) to soften the resulting shine.

I remember the time I bought my first polishing set and tried to polish the engine cover on a JAWA 50 Mustang. The surprise was that even without grinding, I achieved a mirror shine. But today, when I look at the photos that can be seen on my Facebook pages (in the early days), I did not achieve a beautiful mirror shine, but a shine and I would rather say, matte. What caused it? Simply. I just polished and thought it would go without grinding. But unfortunately, even new things are good to polish. Because you don’t know who polished the given thing before you and what procedure they chose or what polishing disc they used.

How do I make sure I can achieve a bigger and vivid shine? I will polish the given thing, somewhere on the edge, and the result will be shown to me. In most cases, I start grinding. During the experiments, I looked for polishing pastes and discs that really work. Discs and pastes that will make the most shine and vivid shine. There are many pastes that cannot produce a high gloss, even if the sellers state them as highly polished. Unfortunately, you discover all these things when