Sandwich carrier – a strip carrier with a Velcro fastener.

Outer diameter: 123mm

Internal hole: M14

Maximum speed: 12500 rpm/1min

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is a carrier or base plate, cutouts for velcro. It is a sandwich carrier, consisting of a plastic box and three layers. The recommended speed is 5,500 rpm.

I assemble the carrier with a pad with Velcro to hold the emery cuts on the Velcro. Next, two soft rubber layers, between which a soft foam strip is inserted. Simple clamping with an M14 nut embedded in the driver, anyone can screw it onto any angle polisher or grinder with selectable speeds and a mandrel with an M14 thread.

Beginnings are always difficult and it takes a while to find the fastest “HOW” procedure. During my polishing apprenticeship I was looking for ways to increase the mirror shine by grinding. Eccentric sander is gentle on sanding, but material removal is small. At least on aluminum and my experience. Classic backing plates bounce on the sanded surface, creating sanding marks. That’s why I started experimenting with sandwich plates. And so that no other polisher has to go through anything like this, here is one such plate for polishers who want to polish truck tanks in the same style.

In addition, I abandoned the classic backing plates, because it often happened that they came off the plastic box or were deformed in any way.

I offer a base plate or driver to everyone who wants to grind tanks on trucks and not only you. The sandwich layering and the softness of this driver will be used by everyone when grinding with sandpaper from P180, P320, P400, P600, P800. Sandwich layering and the insertion of a foam strip ensures minimal formation of burrs and complete scratches when grinding soft alloys such as aluminum. Of course, the clamping of foam polishing pads, which are used when polishing varnishes, can also be used.