Polishing paste for aluminium “pre-polishing”


Content: 1100 gr



Polishing paste for aluminum and non-ferrous metals “pre-polishing paste – green”, is used for pre-polishing operations during polishing. Ideal in combination with a pleated Orange impregnated polishing wheel or with a sisal polishing wheel. When the sanded material, which I will sand with the final coarseness of sandpaper with a coarseness of P600. I’m starting to polish. The green solid pre-polishing paste for aluminum is applied to the spinning polishing wheel for approx. 2-3 seconds. Polishing is done with a horizontal movement, from one side of the polished surface to the other side, gradually moving from the bottom up and back. We polish gradually and continuously until the polished surface is free of so-called sanding from the emery cut. Before each application of polishing paste, it is necessary to cut the polishing wheel. A polishing disc cutter is used for trimming. For polishing, we use the highest speed that your polisher has. Speeds are different for different types of polisher manufacturers. For example, the Makita 9237CB has 3200 rpm, while the Dewalt DWP849X has 3500 rpm or the Flex L 1503 VR has 4900 rpm.

I looked for polishing pastes for polishing metals not only at our dealers, but also at most European manufacturers who were interested in cooperating with me and participating in my private tests.

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