Velcro pad 125mm


Velcro pad – holder for foam disks and cutouts with a Velcro fastener.

Outer diameter: 125mm

Internal hole: M14

Maximum speed: 12500 rpm/1min


is a carrier or backing plate, not only for foam polishing discs, but also for Velcro cutouts. It consists of a plastic box in which an aluminum tube with an M14 internal thread is embedded and a velcro pad, to be attached to a polisher or sander with selectable speeds. The recommended maximum speed is 12,500 rpm/1min.
During the sanding and subsequent polishing, I used classic cheap drivers. The disadvantage of these drifters was their durability and the vibrations that were released. I was able to use up two to three drifters in one drive. It bothered me that either the velcro came off or even the entire foam pad that didn’t stick to the plastic handle. During my internship at companies dealing with the polishing of stainless steel materials, I came into contact with professional drifters. The difference was not only visible, but also tangible. The carriers were harder and some with a Velcro pad. The emery was clamped using plastic beaks in an inverted joined double letter “J”. These drifters lasted longer and the investment paid off.
In addition, I discovered their drive in the Great-Lion offer, which was mainly recommended for polishing varnishes using foam polishing discs, so-called pads. So I started a test to see how long the drifter would last. He found that he could grind three or even four discs with one such drive, depending on the depth of oxidation and damage. The emery cut still held on the driver, even though classic beaks don’t hold very well in most cases, these ones do. This was a good choice for me. It is medium hard, which means that you can also sand tanks with it, but it requires practice in your hands so that no burrs appear when polishing.
This Velcro pad – the drifter can easily get into places where you can’t reach with other drifters. And that’s also because its edge is at an angle of 45°, and the slope is 20 millimeters long. Thanks to this drifter, the work is easier and the endurance is longer depending on the difficulty, and last but not least, also the space where you cannot reach with other drifters. The time duration of the driver varies with the material, the pressure on the backing plate, when grinding, etc.