High Gloss Quick Detailer


Content: 1000ml



High Gloss Quick Detailer (Sealant) – from Great-Lion is another quality product of powerful car cosmetics. Specially developed for a deep surface shine and protection of your vehicle’s paintwork. And it is also developed for those who do not want to spend “X” hours polishing the paint, after every car wash, but want to preserve the washed and polished paint in a short period of time. This detailer helps repel dirt and water from the car’s surface. Sealant has a long-term result in the protection of the paint, with very easy use, using a sprayer. It can be used on paints, metals, plastics and rubber. Its advantage is that it does not smudge even at low or high temperatures and closes the surface after polishing.
Don’t want to spend time, how many times tedious polishing? Don’t like the white water spots on your car’s paintwork? Then this detailer (sealant) is for you. In a short time, you can polish the painted surfaces of your car. Hihg Gloss Quick Detailer by Great-Lion is just for you. Its quick application, using a sprayer and a microfibre cloth, with a weight of more than 600gr/m2 will make it easier for you to apply a protective layer or a protective film on the paint.

Application is simple: after washing and drying, apply High Gloss Quick Detailer to the paint using a sprayer. Gently rub in a circular motion. Let it dry for a while. And wipe with a clean microfiber cloth weighing more than 600 grams to a shine.

Use protective work equipment when working.