Polishing the paint



Ambition Car polish 500gr


High Gloss Quick Detailer 1000ml


Recommended combination for polishing and paint protection. This combination of Great-Lion Ambition Car Polish and High Gloss Quick Detailer is designed to polish the paint and keep it in a constant shine. Easy to use for both hand polishing and machine polishing. The combination of these products has been tested by me and is functional. For manual polishing, you will need Clay (cleaning model) to remove flying rust, as well as microfiber cloths with a weight of more than 300gr/m2 for Ambition Car Polish (with carnauba wax) and a weight of more than 600gr/m2 for High gloss Quick Detailer. Ambition Car polish is applied to a microfiber cloth and the surface is polished in a circular motion. High Gloss Quick Detailer (sealant) is applied with a sprayer directly to washed, dried and polished paint.
To use this combination to polish the paint, first wash the surface with Great Lion Blizzard Active+ car shampoo and then remove flying rust. Subsequently, we will use a microfibre cloth with a grammage higher than or equal to 300g/m2. We apply Ambition car polish to its surface and polish it in a circular motion and let it dry for a while. During machine polishing, Ambition Car polish is applied to a polishing foam disc, and after polishing, we let it dry for a while to change its density and then polish it to a beautiful shine. After each washing and drying of the car, we apply High Gloss Quick Detailer with a sprayer on a microfiber cloth with a weight of more than 600 gr/m2. We spread it on the surface in a circular motion, let it dry for a while, and after it dries, we polish it to a shine.