Manual scraper


Manual scraper – scrapers with Velcro.

Outer diameter: 123mm

Grip: 65mm


Hand-held velcro cut-out driver – it is a hand-held backing plate that is used to fasten velcro cut-outs. And the subsequent manual grinding of the surface. The manual carrier helps to spread the pressure of the hands over the entire surface of the carrier during manual sanding and thereby sand the largest possible area of the carrier on the workpiece.

One of my other searches. As a truck driver myself, in the early days of polishing, I tried to manually grind tanks on a truck. You all know, I took a piece of sandpaper and sanded. But I could never grind the surface perfectly. Why did emery leave deeper traces somewhere and not somewhere else? Using this manual driver, I was able to transfer all the pressure to the relatively entire area of the driver and thus grind the surface without unwanted errors. When you hold emery in your hand, you press your fingers on the surface, thus unintentionally transferring the greatest pressure to your fingers or rather their pads.

Depending on the surface, they cannot recommend the exact procedure with which emery paper, with what roughness of sandpaper to start sanding. Everything depends on the age of the ground surface, gradual oxidation, destruction of the surface by aggressive chemicals, etc. I tested grinding with roughness P400, P600, P800 and subsequent polishing. Whether polishing with Extreme Metal Polish or with a small hobby polishing kit. Grinding with a drifter is simple. Attach the emery cut to the Velcro and sand the surface again in a circular motion. At higher roughnesses of emery cuts (P400, P600, P800),… the emery cut often becomes clogged with aluminum. Therefore, always look at the surface of the sandpaper and if it becomes clogged, replace it with a new one, because you are no longer grinding, but starting to polish.

During the subsequent polishing using Extrem, I chose the final sanding with a roughness of P1000. Despite the fact that Extrem is functional, it was necessary to choose a finer abrasive so that the final effect was cleaner and without scratches from the emery grain.