Buffing rake




Buffing wheel cutter – (so-called Buffing rake) is used to comb (cut) the polishing wheel to soften – combing – . Before polishing and before applying the polishing paste, the polishing wheel must be cut.

We soften the surface of the polishing wheel and achieve a beautiful mirror shine without the hologram from the slag that is created during polishing. This buffing rake is my own product that I couldn’t find here on the European market. So I made it first for myself, which I tested for almost 2 years. It was important to find the right angle and pitch, the comb and the polishing wheel did not tear the polishing wheel. The handle is made of beech wood to last as long as possible. The comb is attached with 2 screws so that it can be replaced with a new comb.

The buffing rake is used by grasping it in both hands or stepping under both feet. And with gentle pressure, we apply it to the spinning polishing wheel or add the polishing wheel to the cutter (when polishing by hand) and thus comb (trim) it into a fine surface. We trim not only the main surface of the polishing disc, but also slightly the edges.
It consists of a wooden handle on which a stainless steel comb is screwed, which holds everything together. The handle is large enough to grip with your hands or even step on it with your feet. After trimming, the surface must be beautifully smooth and soft to the touch. Just like when you run over a flannel cloth. For the clipper, you can always buy an additional comb from me, and after replacing the comb, you can continue to use the clipper as before the replacement.

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