Microfiber cloth 350 gr


Microfiber cloth 350 gr

Size 40 x 40 cm



Microfibre cloth with a weight of 350 gr is used for polishing or cleaning surfaces not only in the automotive industry, but also in the home. When polishing, you can use it to apply polishing pastes, spread preparations on the instrument panel, wipe dust, etc.

This tea towel has no sewn corners or edges. Removes dust and dirt from the smallest crevices. It has extra long hair on one side. It is a soft and clingy microfiber fabric. Ideal for car interior and exterior care. Also suitable for polishing and waxing. Comes without a wash tag. Without silicones. Can be washed in a washing machine up to 95°C.

Suitable for applying lacquer polishing pastes in conjunction with https://metal-polishing.cz/produkt/ambition-car-polish/ for finishing or in conjunction with https://metal-polishing.cz/produkt/high-gloss-quick -detailer/ . Or even for polishing the dashboard https://metal-polishing.cz/produkt/perfect-finish-dashboard-dressing/.