Microfiber cloth 600 gr


Microfiber cloth 600 gr

Size 40 x 40 cm

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Microfibre cloth 600gr – is used for polishing or applying waxes. When polishing, you can use it to apply polishing pastes, polishing waxes. Ultra strong microfiber cloth that finds its use in drying, dusting, applying wax, polishes, etc. It is dense on both sides with soft fibers on both sides. It is silicone-free. Professional quality for lacquer care and interior car care. It is supplied without a wash tag. Can be washed in a washing machine up to 60°C. Suitable for final polishing of lacquer in conjunction with https://metal-polishing.cz/produkt/ambition-car-polish/ for finishing or in conjunction with https://metal-polishing.cz/produkt/high-gloss-quick- detailer/ .