White polishing disc


White polishing wheel extra soft

Outer diameter 205mm

Inner diameter 75mm

Width 25mm



The white polishing wheel is used in polishing for polishing and final operations. My search for the most efficient methods of polishing led me to these impregnated polishing discs that I use for polishing. It can also be clamped on a flex with selectable revolutions.

The search for high-quality and effective polishing wheels took me all the way to Portugal, where I made an agreement after lengthy tests with the manufacturer Polibras, which I represent here. I was looking for hard polishing pastes and discs with which I could polish in a short time. And not only to polish, but to make the resulting mirror live, as in reality. Many discs did not suit me, either they were too soft for my polishing operations or they vibrated too much in my hands when spinning in the polisher. In the end, Polibras gave me everything I need and I am satisfied with the result to this day. In addition, I offer them to you for purchase.
This White Polishing Wheel is a fine flannel fabric that is used to polish and perform final operations or apply hard waxes to preserve the polished product (can be clamped on flexo with selectable revolutions). The surface must be sanded before polishing. As I already described for polishing pastes. It depends on the structure of the material, grinding starts from P60 for discs on trucks (but it can also be P180, it depends on the type of oxidation) up to P600. At least I have tried this way and it works. After grinding, polishing begins.

The polishing wheel is clamped in the polisher using a flange. Pay attention to the marked direction of rotation of the polishing wheel, the polishing wheel may tear when turned. We select the desired revolutions on the polisher and polish with a horizontal movement.

Use protective work equipment when working.