Emery cut P180 roughness

Emery cut for velcro,
diameter 125mm,

Roughness: P180

Quantity: 1 piece



It is used for grinding not only metals, but also wood. This type is used for dry grinding, i.e. without soaking with water or wetting the surface of the processed material. Abrasive grain is applied to the surface of Velcro, which is finer than conventional paper with applied abrasive grain. It has an emery finish for longer life. Thanks to which, it is minimally clogged and lasts longer than the competition.

While polishing aluminum discs, tanks and metals in general, I have come across a lot of velcro emery cuts that are available here. I was looking, however, for an emery cut that doesn’t just stick with aluminum, can withstand grinding for a longer time (meaning in minutes). Another requirement was that the velcro on the far side of the grinding grain should hold sufficiently on the carrier (base plate). Because I got hand emery cloths that didn’t stick to the wearer, they came off and you could feel that the velcro layer was soft with just a light touch. And so the sanding piece broke off from the driver as soon as I pressed it against the sanded material. In addition, there was also a problem with the abrasive grain. Some abrasive grains were quickly lost from the emery cut. Other grains were invariably uneven and this caused sharp burrs in the aluminum. Aluminium, in itself, is quite a soft material for grinding. That’s why I settled on this type of sandpaper, which made my work easier and, as a result, reduced the consumption of cutouts for the polished surface.

Grinding section thicknesses: P60, P180, P320, P400, P600

Sandpaper according to Wikipedia