Flange – 1 pair – aluminum flange for attaching a polishing wheel to a polisher or angle grinder-polisher with selectable speeds. It consists of 2 pcs.



The flange is a clamping element used to clamp the polishing disc (75 mm) to the polisher or grinder with selectable speeds. There are several types of flanges. Each element, both for grinding and polishing, has its own internal hole or other clamping. The polishing wheels that I offer have an internal hole of 75 mm, into which we place both parts of the flange from the outer sides, according to the direction of rotation, marked as on the polishing wheel.
The flange (clamping element) consists of two parts. One part has a 14mm hole and the other part has an M14 internal thread with two holes for tightening with the wrench included with each sander. Using the wrench, tighten the flange of the polishing wheel to the polisher so that it does not come loose. The material of the flange is aluminum alloy, because the weight of the flange and other loads affect the durability of the polisher or grinder with selectable revolutions.

During my career as a polisher, I also tried flanges that were steel, but the weight of the steel flange showed, mostly on the polishers, that the gears inside the polisher head went away and thus increased the heating of the polisher head. That’s why I chose an aluminum alloy that doesn’t weigh down the gears.
Most polishers have an M14 screw to which other elements are attached. Whether for polishing, cutting or grinding. I use Makita 9237CB or Dewalt DWP849X polishers for polishing. They are affordable polishes that really last a long time. Of course, the durability of both polishes affects their cleaning. Personally, I choose blowing with compressed air every day after work and every other day, disassembling and cleaning from all deposits, both from polishing discs and from the remains of polishing pastes. At least what I have personally tried. And I recommend this procedure to my customers. This will extend the life of your invested money, until polishing.